Cracker Barrel Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese Price, Nutrition, Allergen, and Gluten Information

Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese

Price – $5.39 | 540 cal

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Cracker Barrel’s Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese is a creamy and comforting side dish loved by many.

It features elbow macaroni tossed in a blend of melty cheeses and a touch of breadcrumbs for a satisfying crunch.

This classic mac and cheese is perfect on its own or as a delicious accompaniment to various entrees.


  • Calories: Around 600 (depending on the chosen side)
  • Fat: Around 30g
  • Cholesterol: Around 70mg
  • Sodium: Around 900mg
  • Carbohydrates: Around 60g
  • Dietary Fiber: Around 2g
  • Protein: Around 20g
  • Calcium: Around 400mg
  • Iron: Around 4mg
  • Potassium: Around 200mg


  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat

Gluten Information

  • Contains Wheat Flour


Can I add protein to the Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese?

Yes, you can likely customize your Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese by adding protein! Cracker Barrel might offer options like grilled chicken, pulled pork, or crumbled sausage to create a more complete meal.

What are the best side dishes to go with Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese?

Since the Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese is already quite rich, you might consider lighter sides. Popular options include green beans, applesauce, or a side salad with a vinaigrette dressing.

Is there a vegetarian option for the Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese?

The Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese itself is vegetarian. However, be sure to inquire about the vegetable broth used in preparation if you follow a strict vegetarian diet.

Can I make Mmmm Mac n’ Cheese at home?

Absolutely! You can find many recipes online for homemade mac and cheese that replicate the creamy texture and cheesy flavor.

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